SMU Relay Raises $137,814

SMU Relay For Life has always been my favorite SMU event. It is the night where about a thousand students and faculty alike come out and walk around the Boulevard to raise money for the American Cancer Society. I usually go out in my roller blades. Last year year I was the only one to blade, but this year the trend must have caught on because I saw a handful of roller-bladers. There is one lap around the Boulevard that is done in complete silence which I think is a really special gesture.

There are performances by the Mustang Mavericks, Southern Gentlemen, Belle Tones, Meadows, and other SMU students. A great night overall.



3OH!3 Appreciates Thier Fans

The other day I was walking around for campus and looking for my friends. I spotted them on the far end of campus by Dallas Hall. They were talking to a few guys who I didn’t know. Coming closer, I recognized them: it was 3OH!3!Image

The tall, lanky guys walked up to me and introduced himself as Nat (Nathaniel Motte). My friends were talking to the lead, Sean Foreman. Nat passed me the soccer ball and I began passing it back and fourth between him and the band. When other student walked by us playing, Nat would walk up to them (the same way he had walked up to me) and he said hi, introduced himself, and he introduced me! I think that says a lot about these men treating their fans with respect and appreciation.


These guys were really ‘chill’ and I could tell that they had done this a hundred times before with a bunch of other fans. 3OH!3 is an electronic-pop music band that clearly enjoys preforming and spending time with their fans. I was glad that SMU Program Council brought them for our spring concert.


Recap and Roses

While giant, rat-sized snails invade Florida and ‘Captain Underpants’ become the most scandalous book in America, my past week has been pretty random as well.

My Random Week:

The back tire of my bike was stolen. At first I was angry, but thinking about someone walking around with just a tire makes me feel pity. I think it’d be pretty pathetic to be a tire thief. In any case, I wish them well; hopefully they will someday grow out of their tire-thieving ways.

I worked with my friends to compile a hierarchy that answers the following question: The Hottest Guys play WHAT sport?  I will even share our conclusion on the Internet for the world to see. It’s not patented, so you are welcome to utilize this hierarchy.


1. Hockey

2. Water polo

3. Lax

4. Sand Volleyball

4. Swimmers

5. Football

6. “Right kind of” Soccer Players

***The sports that were deliberately excluded from this list include (but are not limited to) the following: yoga and speed-walkers.

Last Thursday I was out on the quad getting ready to go to a 3OH!3 Concert and saw my friends gathered in front of Hyer. I walked on over and saw that they were hanging out with 3OH!3. My friends were just talking, but three band members were playing soccer. So naturally I went over to play soccer with the guys. Nat introduced himself (which was really polite of him) and then when others came up he introduced me to them (needless to say, this was impressive). The PC concert was good, but it was even more of a memory to say that I got to hang out with 3OH!3 ahead of time.

Friday I went to Relay for Life and rollerbladed with two of my friends. I also met a guy who rollerblades and he was actually really good. We even raced, which was awesome. I love relay largely because the shows and dance party were so fun. Overall it is truly great to see all of my upperclassmen friends on campus. I hope we can continue to do events like this at SMU in the future.

WEEKEND: Chili Fest, pool Party at the Boulevard, on Call, etc  Also this past weekend I completed a photography project: you may see some of the following photos.



Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It?

So basically I just came into the loop on a new market that has just recently emerged.

It’s called BITCOIN.

What’s that? You might say. Well picture this: you are an international traveler and often have to switch currencies and have to go through different banks and it’s just a hassle! There are service charges and not to mention the value of your money keeps fluctuating. Why oh why isn’t there just a uniform currency!?

Enter Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows instant transactions, worldwide payments and low or zero processing fees. (Honestly, I just learned about it today, but doing research, this is what I have determined)

Essentially the kinks are worked out so that it is impossible to double spend. In order to avoid the whole inflation problem, there is a limit of Bitcoins. In this decentralized monetary system of controlled supply, the number of Bitcoins in existence will never exceed 21 million. Currently the total value of all bitcoins in circulation is over $300 million (according to

With the online and digital nature of these transactions, cyber security is naturally a concern.

On an even more critical angle, online forums are very polarized by this new advancement. They suggest that this could be the end of money and reduced fiscal control could be a huge potential problem. This talk of the “destruction of the modern banking system” is still just hype I think.

Although, many forums underline the many flaws to this system, I believe that the task of taking the entire banking system WILL be inevitably flawed for a while until all the solutions can be worked out.

Now, my friend who introduced this concept to me mentioned that in order for Bitcoin to be successful “it must be accepted.” And that makes perfect sense to me. If people don’t jump on the bandwagon and start using Bitcoin, then it will just taper off and be just a sketchy way to transfer money or worse, Bitcoin could lose all value.

However, due to the convenient nature of this ‘invention’- it DOES have the potential to be a big thing. Going abroad this summer, I think it would be so convenient to have some universal currency. Whether Bitcoin succeeds or fails, I think it’s a promising idea.


This post is going to be a simple update.

The following is a prayer I put together in honor of Easter. They are compiled quotes of Mary in Medjugorje (the dates indicate the days of her quote).

My Prevailing Peace Prayer

Lord, I pray for Your peace, which no one can destroy

A Peace given those whom You love. (12/25/11)

Today I pray for our shepherds that they may help carry us

to the peace that we so desperately yearn for

I pray we may not reject your Peace freely given to us sinners (10/25/10)

Lord as we enter battle against the sins of the present time,

May your crosses be our means. (10/2/10)

We seek the intercession of all Your Saints in this prayer


I am including a few pictures that I took recently in the city. I love the city of Dallas and wish I got to spend more time down there. Dallas is my playground.


Another ‘Habemus Papam’ Article

It has been almost a week since Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was named Pope Francis I. Just prior to his election, a seagull landed on the chimney of the conclave foreshadowing of that the successor would choose the name of St. Francis of Assisi, lover of animals. A twitter account for the Pope’s Seagull quickly popped up as well to give updates about this first elected pope of the new world.

Speculation has it that Bergoglio was the choice for pope during last conclave, but he did not accept the duties and they went to Pope Benedict XVI instead. In choosing Italy’s patron saint, Pope Francis decided to link himself to Italy.

Pope Francis is overwhelmingly humble and has historically working in the slums of Buenos Aires. And according to Fox News, he will be spending Holy Thursday washing the feet of 12 juvenile delinquents at a detention center.

I would very much like to touch upon the controversial ‘Gay’ issue that I saw on TV immediately after Pope Francis emerged from conclave. Some friends and others I have talked to since then, express disappointment in the fact that the patriarch is still is anti-gay (Although recent reports say he supposedly advocated gay civil unions in 2010).

In any case, for those who are disappointed with his stance on ‘gay rights,’ to them I say “IT MAKES SENSE COMING FROM HIM.” He is the head of the Catholic Church, and obviously he would be the ultimate protector of the ‘traditional’ family made of both a man and woman. Of course, gay activists staged a small protest in St. Peter’s Square. They should know that obviously he was selected by the Cardinals to maintain the church teaching that states “although homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered….gays should be treated with compassion and dignity.” (Burlington FreePress) I do not believe he would change his mind.

On a different note, Benedict is retaining the name ‘your Holiness” and wears the same white cassock (without the sash and cape). Various news sites are speculating what is possibly said in these private conversations between the two ‘holiest’ men on earth. With the conspiracies surrounding the Vatican due to Benedict’s early retirement from the position, some consider that Benedicts health may be failing him quickly.

In any case, these recent events have given me a new answer for the typical interview question: “If you could have a meal with anyone on earth, who would it be and why?” I would choose these two men because I cannot imagine the wisdom that flows between the two of them.