3OH!3 Appreciates Thier Fans

The other day I was walking around for campus and looking for my friends. I spotted them on the far end of campus by Dallas Hall. They were talking to a few guys who I didn’t know. Coming closer, I recognized them: it was 3OH!3!Image

The tall, lanky guys walked up to me and introduced himself as Nat (Nathaniel Motte). My friends were talking to the lead, Sean Foreman. Nat passed me the soccer ball and I began passing it back and fourth between him and the band. When other student walked by us playing, Nat would walk up to them (the same way he had walked up to me) and he said hi, introduced himself, and he introduced me! I think that says a lot about these men treating their fans with respect and appreciation.


These guys were really ‘chill’ and I could tell that they had done this a hundred times before with a bunch of other fans. 3OH!3 is an electronic-pop music band that clearly enjoys preforming and spending time with their fans. I was glad that SMU Program Council brought them for our spring concert.



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