Recap and Roses

While giant, rat-sized snails invade Florida and ‘Captain Underpants’ become the most scandalous book in America, my past week has been pretty random as well.

My Random Week:

The back tire of my bike was stolen. At first I was angry, but thinking about someone walking around with just a tire makes me feel pity. I think it’d be pretty pathetic to be a tire thief. In any case, I wish them well; hopefully they will someday grow out of their tire-thieving ways.

I worked with my friends to compile a hierarchy that answers the following question: The Hottest Guys play WHAT sport?  I will even share our conclusion on the Internet for the world to see. It’s not patented, so you are welcome to utilize this hierarchy.


1. Hockey

2. Water polo

3. Lax

4. Sand Volleyball

4. Swimmers

5. Football

6. “Right kind of” Soccer Players

***The sports that were deliberately excluded from this list include (but are not limited to) the following: yoga and speed-walkers.

Last Thursday I was out on the quad getting ready to go to a 3OH!3 Concert and saw my friends gathered in front of Hyer. I walked on over and saw that they were hanging out with 3OH!3. My friends were just talking, but three band members were playing soccer. So naturally I went over to play soccer with the guys. Nat introduced himself (which was really polite of him) and then when others came up he introduced me to them (needless to say, this was impressive). The PC concert was good, but it was even more of a memory to say that I got to hang out with 3OH!3 ahead of time.

Friday I went to Relay for Life and rollerbladed with two of my friends. I also met a guy who rollerblades and he was actually really good. We even raced, which was awesome. I love relay largely because the shows and dance party were so fun. Overall it is truly great to see all of my upperclassmen friends on campus. I hope we can continue to do events like this at SMU in the future.

WEEKEND: Chili Fest, pool Party at the Boulevard, on Call, etc  Also this past weekend I completed a photography project: you may see some of the following photos.




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