Why Does Someone Else Clean My Bathroom?


So it’s been an interesting news week. Apparently a meteor fell in Russia today injuring over a thousand people.  The space junk weighed 10 tons, creating a 20-foot creator. Another asteroid was on track to come close to Earth today (but missed) so that’s kind of interesting. Although it was only the size of an apartment building (150ish feet), it would have destroyed 750 square miles if it were to touch the ground (Daily Beast). Then this crazy guy named Christopher Dorner has been on the run for the past week. He was an ex-LAPD who was discharged (unfairly, he believed) and went on a killing rampage. So the manhunt for him has been a hot topic. My personal community had some Greek problems this week. Basically a chunk of the Fraternities are in the doghouse right now.

Valentine’s Day came and went. It’s actually really fun on our campus because we are very southern. Guys give girls flowers and take the time to make girls feel special. Then because the day is a big deal here, there were plenty of groups to celebrate with. I spent most of my day hopping to random Valentine’s Day functions; an event put on in my Residence Hall, cookie decorating in Umph, dinner at the sorority house, a little party at the apartments. Even took a late night trip to the batting cages, but that’s another story.


Valentine’s Day Candy Passed out by my Management Teacher.


I wanted to share a little experience that happened to me yesterday. I was walking into my dorm room. (I have a single bed and my bathroom cleaned once a week by the staff.) The woman who was supposed to clean my room came by and stood outside the door. I had never been in there when they had come by so I hesitantly asked her if she needed to get into my bathroom to clean it.

I gestured that she should come in and she did. Suddenly I felt weird. This older woman was cleaning MY bathroom. Sure, we pay for the cleaning service as part of cost to stay in the on-campus dorms. I tried to justify it in my mind by thinking that hotels did this and I didn’t feel bad about it. But I was unable to fully justify it because one way or another- this is real life. All year (not just special days when I stay in a hotel), someone WILL come by to clean up after me. So I felt really bad as I stood there wondering how I could be in the position to deserve or warrant someone else cleaning my own bathroom. The reason the feeling was so sharp is because I don’t deserve it. It is really just chance that I’m on the receiving end of this privilege.

In any case, I began babbling at her trying to figure out a way to make her job easier.

“Do you want me to move things out of the way?”

“You don’t need to do that!”

“I’m sorry,” I blurted out to her.


Standing in the doorway wearing her blue- smock uniform, she replied to me. Except it was in Spanish. I have taken years of Spanish language, all though High School and everyday freshmen year of College.

I didn’t hear her the first time so I took a deep breath and asked in Spanish for her to repeat it.

She did.

For the life of me I could not understand what she was trying to say to me. I thought of all my bathroom words (baño, limpiar, lavar) and she had used none of them in her sentence.

So I just stared at her.

And she stared at me.

And then all of a sudden we both burst out laughing. Both of us shaking our heads as we realized we just wouldn’t understand each other.

I’m really glad I ran into her. Without seeing her, it’s easy to overlook the little blessings like her in my life. It’s also important to remember the people who may not be getting due credit. Personally, in the future I’ll try to wipe down all my make-up on the counter and not just wait for it to ‘magically disappear’ each week. Bathroom cleaning service, is a norm that I’ve never fully appreciated.  I’m glad I met the woman who cleans my bathroom. She gives me something to think about.


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